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Party Vibe radio

Rave party culture was born in Great Britain in the 80s and 90s of the 20th century. Because many places where the parties were held were unlicensed and there were troubles with the authorities, the news about those parties were spreaded mouth-to-mouth. Party Vibe Radio is the plase where you can listen all the best mixes.

Radio ElectricFM

Radio Electric FM broadcasts from New York city. It plays the most popular dance hits, as well as your favourite hits from the 80s and the 90s. If you like to dance, listen to Radio ElectricFM.
The station has stopped broadcasting for financial reasons until further notice.

Radio G

Radio G Is internet radio which you can listen to from every point in the world, where a fast internet connection is present. If you really want to dance, Radio G! Is your radio. The radio was created in the first day of 2007 and still shares it's music through the whole world.

Pro FM radio

Pro FM is an independant web radio broadcasting in german language from the Netherlands. Radio's programme consists of the best dance hits of the 80's and 90's, as well as the best from the modern dance music

Switch 1197 Radio

Switch 1197 is based in Brisbane, Australia. The radio is aimed at the youth audience. The music playlist features mainly Upbeat Pop, Dance and a Top 40 chart. The station also features a number of specialized programs for those looking for something different for example RnB, Hip-Hop & Rap, Australian music and 80s hits to revive memories from the recent past.

Radio MIX FM

Radio MIX FM is the first independent commercial radio station in Latvia. It began broadcasting in 1991. Later the radio launched an online version. Radio MIX FM plays the latest world hits and the best of Russian pop music.

Radio 538

Radio 538 broadcasts from Hilversum, Netherlands. Radio program is mainly Dance music. The radio gives you the opportunity to download your favourite songs. You can also listen to the radio and download some shows directly to your iPhone or iPod through iTunes.

ElectricFM Radio

ElectricFM - America's Real Dance radio is based in New York City, USA. The station broadcasts the latest dance hits, but also has the fresh hits of the 80s and 90s in its playlist. Here you will hear hits, which your local radio station would never play.

Radio NRJ - Denmark

Radio NRJ is the largest radio network in Europe. The radio broadcasts in 11 European countries. The music is selected according to local tastes in every country. Listen to HIT MUSIC ONLY with radio NRJ (ENERGY) Denmark

Radio NRJ - France

Radio NRJ began broadcasting in 1981 in France. Gradually the radio opened offices in Germany and Sweden. Currently the station broadcasts in 11 European countries. In 2006 NRJ started its first internet radio stream.
The format of the radio is aimed at the modern young people. The motto of the radio is "Hits Only".
Listen to radio NRJ - France

No1 Hit Radio

No 1 Hit Radio is based in Norway and plays only songs, which have been No 1 hits in the English and American charts for the last 50 years. You can listen only to the most-popular songs of all times. The station broadcasts the best hits form the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Enjoy great songs from the last 5 decades.

Radio 1LIVE

Radio 1LIVE is based in Cologne, Germany. It is a Top 40 station and plays dance music 24/7. The station has a hotline available to keep in touch with its audience.

Alpha Radio

Alpha Radio is a modern dance music radio for young business oriented people. The station offers its audience a carefully chosen mix of popular hits, which sometimes have become hits because of being played on this radio.

Beatles Tribute

Beatles Tribute plays the famous songs and cover versions of Betales hits, as well as solo performances of the band’s members. There you can hear rare and unknown recordings of the Fab Four.
The station’s director Gary Farr says:
„Once at the end of 1964 or the beginning of 1965 I was just a little boy who listened to the local radio station in Miami. Then they started playing “I Want to Hold Your Hand” 10 times a day and for me and my friends it was the beginning of the Beatles Mania.“

Love Music is all about romantic songs. No matter if you have just fallen in love or are already broken hearted - The Love Music channel is for you. Listen to classical romantic tracks form the 60s and 70s, as well as hits from the 80s. There you can hear performers like Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Michael Bolton, Lionel Richie.
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