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APS Radio

APS Radio is an internet radio, which offers and broadcasts popular music from the last half-century. It started broadcasting in 2005, although then it wasn’t known as APS Radio.
The radio’s playlists include Classic Rock, Pop Rock and Blues from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s.
The team makes the best selection of music from the last several decades.
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Trust Global radio

Trust Global Radio broadcasts from a small Bulgarian village named Dolna Kremena. The main face behind the radio is Bobby Martin, who at 16 started working for Pirate radio and after that he worked for quite a few years for BBC. The most popular show on the radio is "Breakfast with Bobby". Bobby and his wife Rosie moved to Bulgaria 2 years ago and equip the basement for a radio studio. Trust Global broadcasts over the Internet and is listened to by over 2.5 million people from Austria to Australia. Its program consists mainly from rock music from the 60s to nowadays.

WKIT rock radio

WKIT 100.3 - Is a radio station based in Bangor, Maine. It is owned by famous writer Stephen King and remains one of the few locally owned radio stations. It plays classic rock 24/7 at has rock jocks on at all times.

Radio Seagull

This is the home of alternative music and progressive rock. Radio Seagull offers music you can't hear on other radios on the air or online. The radio presents the best albums with progressive rock and alternative music.

Radio Caroline

Radio Caroline was founded in 1964 in Maidstone, United Kingdom by Ronan O'Rahilly. In the beginning it was broadcasted as an off-shore radio from a ship, anchored in international waters and it receives the title of Pirate Radio as it's not licensed in any country.
The radio broadcasts mainly rock music from the 60's up to today. Thanks to it's history, age and good musical programming, the radio takes an unique place in the radio-television history.

Radio Free Phoenix

Radio Free Phoenix is based in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. Here you won’t hear infinite commercial breaks as on most commercial stations. Instead you get to listen to rock-and-roll selected by people who really love that music.

SongPlanet radio

Radio SongPlanet is no longer broadcasting.

SongPlanet is based in Seattle, US. The radio is a classic among the undergorund radio stations and broadcasts daily live DJ shows. The playlist features only the best songs.

KOOL 105 Radio

KOOL 105 Radio broadcasts from Denver, Colorado in the USA. The program features music from the 60s, 70s and 80s and the best rock-and-roll hits form the late 50s and early 60s.

Кitz Radio

Кitz Radio is no longer broadcasting.

Кitz Radio is one of the best stations in the Alpine region. The station broadcasts form Kitzbühel, Austria and plays only the best music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and present day without commercial breaks.

QRock Radio

QRock Radio began broadcasting in 1973 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Qrock’s program features music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. The station has won 7 times the Billboard award Radio station of the year.

Kiss Radio

Kiss radio is no longer broadcasting.

Kiss radio is owned by QC Communications and is based in Wilmington Delaware – USA . The station broadcasts in 4 states, and is aimed at audience of people between 14 and 44 years of age. The play list features rhythm-and-blues, mostly today’s rhythm-and-blues, hip-hop as well as Old School.

DR Rock Radio

DR Rock is based in Denmark. The play list of the station features pure rock form the 70s, 80s and 90s. Here you can listen to the greatest rock hits and albums. Enjoy DR Rock radio online.

Radio Soulconnexion

Soulconnexion is an online radio, playing rhythm-and-blues, soul and funk music form the 60s till today. The station broadcasts 24/7. Soulconnexion is the official internet radio station of the world famous organization Caister Soul Weekend.

Radio – Oldies

Radio – Oldies proudly presents the golden hits form the 50s, 60s and early 70s. The music will bring back memories of the happy and carefree days of your youth. Rock with Elvis Presley, the Mamas and the Papas and join the British invasion with The Beatles.


Houndogradio broadcasts on the internet and is based in Stone Mountain, USA – Georgia. The station’s play list is a mix of country, classical rock and blues. Relax and enjoy Houndogradio

Coolarity Radio

Coolarity Radio broadcasts from Ypsilanti, USA – Michigan. The program of the station features mainly rock, blues, rhythm-and-blues and soul music. Listen online to rock and rhythm-and blues.

Radio 9412

The motto of online radio 9412 is „Classic rock that never stops”. The radio broadcasts selected classical rock hits 24 hours 7 days a week. Many groups are presented in the radio's playlist, from The Who, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix to Brother Cain, Foghat and Utopia, and many others.
What was the last time you listened to 40 minutes jam session of The Allman Brothers or three full albums of Frank Zappa?
Unfortunately 9412 Radio has been closed and will not broadcast anymore.
For more detail please visit

ABN radio

ABN (American Blues Network) radio is based in Gulfport, MS – USA. The target audience of the radio are 25-65 year-old man and women. ABN radio broadcasts daily a 24/7 program featuring blues music via satellite and internet.

TD1 Radio

TD1 Radio is based in Galashiels, Scotland. The station plays music form the 50s to the present of almost all styles, but mainly rock and blues. The radio focuses on local news and just some international information.

Radio Maia

Radio Maia is a regional station of Voice of America, as well as a regional subdivision of Deutsche Welle radio for Burgas, Bulgaria. The station has been on air since 1993 and is a partner of VOA, United States Information Agency, based in Washington DC, and the Bulgarian division of DW. The radio audience varies in age between 16 and 60 year-olds. The information bulletins are in Bulgarian and English language. The music played is pop, rock, rhythm-and-blues, country and rock-and-roll.

Radio Arabella

Arabella Radio broadcasts from Munich, Germany. The station broadcasts news form Munich and a variety of programs on different topics. This is the classical rock subdivision of Arabella Radio.

Radio Woodstock

Radio Woodstock/WDST is a rock radio station which began broadcasting in April 1980 form the most famous small town of Woodstock. It has often been referred to as the „coolest radio on Earth“ and Billboard Magazine has pronounced it „Best radio station“ many times. The station has numerous awards for its original programs. Radio Woodstock/WDST looks for and promotes young talents, but also plays established bands and musicians.

STAR FM radio

STAR FM Radio - Classic Rock, including soft rock hits like those of Bob Dylan and Foreigner and sometimes harder stuff like Metallica. From time to time you can enjoy golden oldies by The Beach Boys or Rolling Stones. The classic rock has many faces - take a look at them with STAR FM Radio.

KRXO Classic Rock

KRXO radio station was established in August 1987 and is one of the oldest classic rock radios in the USA. It is based in Oklahoma City and has a huge collection of classical rock hits. The station attracts mainly adults, which is also targeted by advertisers.

9412 The Rock Station

Get the classic rock sound with 9412 The Rock Station. If fast internet connection is available, you can enjoy CD quality music, which you will get for a monthly subscriptions.
Unfortunately 9412 The Rock Station has been closed and will not broadcast anymore.
For more detail please visit

Hounddog Radio

Hounddog Radio has been a 24 hour program since June 2000. It was first broadcasted form Stone Mountain, Georgia, but now is based in Loganville, Georgia. Enjoy dance music, rock, jazz and blues. The station also promotes aspiring independent musicians.

100 XR

100 XR call themselves the №1 WEB radio station. It broadcasts 24/7 form New York City. The music selection includes rock, blues, soft rock, classic rock.
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